Friday, March 30, 2007

End of the Month Ramblings

It's a cool Friday morning here in the Carolinas and I must apologize that I have been slacking on my blog postings as of late. You, my candidates and clients, have been keeping me quite busy and for that I must thank you. This past month we have seen a flurry of activitiy, including 4 placements!! For those of you transitioning into new careers, congratulations and good luck. For those of you still actively or passively entertaining a change, let's keep the ball rolling. Below is an update on the current searches with which I am engaged. As always, feel free to give me a call at any time -

  • Regional Human Resources Manager - Northeast
  • Branch Managers - Throughout the Country
  • Area Managers - Northern Virginia
  • Off-Road Motorcycle Public Relations Manager - California
  • ATV Media Relations Specialist - California
  • Regional Marketing Manager - California
  • Dealer Development Manager - California

Friday, March 2, 2007

Leadership Lessons

This mornings topic is one that I recently stumbled across in Success, a financial publication, and found to be of particular interest. The author, former Celtics great Larry Bird, has transitioned his career from basketball superstar to trainer/motivational speaker. In this particular article, Bird highlights the leadership lessons he has come to embrace from his experiences both on and off the court. Below are a couple of the lessons that I thought you would appreciate and could incorporate into your career.
  • If you love what you're doing, you'll love your job
  • Hide your weaknesses and play to your strengths
  • Make choices that are best for the team/company
  • Bottom Line: Provide what your customers (fans) want

To learn more about these lessons or to read Larry Bird's article in full, please see Success magazine's March/April 2007 edition. As always, please leave comments as to what you like/dislike; or let me know topics you would like to see discussed.