Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pleased Professional

In today's posting, I want to share some thoughts from an individual I had the pleasure of working with this spring. He recently sent me an email with a letter, sharing his thoughts on how the recruiting process progressed, and how pleased he is in his new position. As such, I definitely wanted to take this opportunity to share the information he provided. In his own words:

"Looking back at the process, from your first phone call to the fantastic follow up after I was hired, it was a fantastic experience. Every thing you said was right on target and I have not found anything that you represented that turned out not to be exactly as promised.

I mentioned fantastic follow up and I must say I could learn from you as I have never seen someone that thorough. It took most of the anxiety out of the equation. Since a job change can be a nervous time I appreciate the professional way you handled all aspects of the recruitment process.

Already I have referred two of my previous co-workers to you. Feel free to use me as a reference should anyone want input on the process. "

Thank you to this individual for taking the time to share their feedback and congratulations again on your new position. I am glad the process was a smooth transition - that's my goal. As always, I welcome your feedback and input. Enjoy your Wednesday!!

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Cliff said...

Trip, I suggest you change the verbiage "It's not too often we receive such constructive feedback". This seems to say we hardly ever get good comments about our work.