Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't Be Afraid of the Silence

Successful interviewing is a skill, no different from public speaking or giving a presentation. In fact, an interview is a presentation....of yourself! Take some time to prepare for your interview; research your potential employer, and develop some pre-defined questions to walk into the interview.

One interview tactic you need to prepare yourself for is SILENCE! Many interviewers and hiring managers will utilize silence to see how you conduct yourself. Are you nervous? Do you feel the need to break the silence? Do you ramble and provide more information than the previous question required?

DO NOT be afraid of silence!! An interviewer may pause for a minute or two...and the silence may be defeaning....BUT DO NOT INTERJECT ADDITIONAL COMMENTS! This may feel like a stalemate or an elementary school staring contest to see who breaks eye contact first...but remain confident in your answer and allow your interviewer the time in silence.

If you can master this technique, you will be a step closer to your next Career!

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