Friday, February 16, 2007

Current Searches

Good Morning -

In an effort to keep you informed about career opportunities within the Motorsport/Power Sport and Outdoor Power Equipment industries, I am going to provide a list of current engagements on a regular basis. This will allow you to monitor current needs within the industry, but also allow you and your network to evaluate potential positions that are not on the job boards. (As an aside, please let others know about this blog. The more industry specialists we can involve in ongoing conversations, the more information we can share.)

Current Positions:

  • District Sales Manager - Northern California
  • District Sales Manager - Multiple Locations
  • Dealer Development & Marketing Manager - Multiple Locations
  • Lead Engineer/Project Engineer - South Carolina
  • Sustaining Engineering Manager - Vermont
  • Operations Manager - Virginia
  • Division Recruiter - Mid Atlantic Region
For additional information, please give me a call at 803-548-8140 x 30 or shoot me an email at

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