Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interesting Comment...

I received an interesting comment yesterday regarding my posting on solar energy jobs. The comment posed:

I’m curious, do you think it possible or logical for people in a non- sunny climate people and sunny climate people to team up in small groups to produce solar energy?In other words, can you envision a scenario where a low income homeowner in Phoenix and an investor in Seattle could team up to produce an investment that would benefit both while using PV’s in Phoenix?

First, thank you to the anonymous individual for posting this question. In my opinion yes, this is entirely possible. In light of today's economic market, investors are evaluating creative investment opportunities that can yield returns as much or greater than the traditional stock market. (On a personal level, I can relate as I am entertaining such creative measures!) I am not sure how these two parties would get introduced to one another, but the benefit to both would be significant.

One plausible idea would be for the investor to outfit the low income homeowners residence with PV, allowing the homeowner to reap the benefit of the solar energy free of charge. Any additional energy yielded from the PV would be entitled to the investor, to disseminate or sell as they wish.

On an even larger scale, I could see an investor outfitting an entire apartment building or new home development with PV. The investor could then discount the energy costs to the residents and sell the remaining energy for a profit.

There are numerous ways this could play out, but I definitely think you are on to something!

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