Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview Strategy

Your objective is to obtain a job offer by outshining the competition. You have already done it with your work history, now you need to do it with your appearance and interviewing strategy.

¨ Shake hands firmly while establishing direct eye contact
¨ Be gracious and enthusiastic in your greeting
¨ Address interviewer as “Mr.” or “Ms.”
¨ Offer interviewer a copy of your resumé
¨ Always look at the interviewer – maintain eye contact
¨ Maintain high energy level
¨ Sit Up
¨ Back Straight
¨ No Drinks – to spill
¨ No Smoking
¨ Avoid nervous habits – showing anxiety through your legs, feet, and hands
¨ LISTEN to questions
¨ Never talk while your interviewer is reading
¨ Respond formally – “Yes, Ma’am / Sir” – be sure not to say Yeah/Yep
¨ Eliminate such phrases as “you know,” “uh,” and other fillers
¨ Never be negative about anything
¨ Never bring up the subject of money
¨ Never chew gum
¨ Do not take portable phones or beepers into the interview
¨ Be prepared for a group interview

NOTE: Be yourself. Poise, confidence and self-respect are of great importance. Conduct yourself with confidence and determination - don’t play coy. Sell yourself. This is your first meeting and the position, as well as future promotions, may depend on your presentation. Are you going to sell your prospective employer on the idea of hiring you, or will the interviewer sell you on the idea that this job is not for you? You must present a positive attitude to the prospective employer. You must not appear to be disinterested or appear to be job shopping.

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