Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recruiter Ramblings

Today's rambling: Firing your resume like you are practicing HALO with a M16 Assault Rifle.

I have recently interviewed a number of candidates who have openly admitted to blindly sending off their resume to online job postings, with little tracking or research on what job opportunity they might be applying.

Now I will be one of the first to admit that my 401K that became a 101K over the last year is a telling sign of how bad our economy has been and still might be....

However, I do not encourage open fire on the job boards!

Our current economy is providing a platform for new beginnings! Use this opportunity to hone a new skill; learn a new trade; reinvent oneself! Perhaps even go back to school to finish your degree or go after that MBA you have been threatening about for the last few years.

2010 is around the corner and it looks promising! So take this opportunity to fine tune your resume and prepare to take the job market by storm.

The next few postings to come, will highlight job searching tricks and resume pointers to assist you in identifying your next CAREER.

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